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FundLife awarded as an outstanding partner by the Department of Education

FundLife International was awarded as one of the outstanding partners of the Department of Education Tacloban Division during the 2019 Department of Education Tacloban City Division Pasidungog held at The Oriental Leyte on January 24, 2020.

Since 2017, FundLife has been working with selected schools under DepEd Tacloban providing regular after school football and Futsal sessions, champion classroom sessions, tournaments and opportunities for children through the Football for Life Academy program, a play-based educational approach to teach children life skills that compliments what they learn in school and helps them to become more responsive and resilient.

Acknowledging the support FundLife has provided to teachers and students, DepEd recognized the organization as one of its outstanding partners. Awards were also given to different media groups, Non-Government Organizations, Non-Government Agencies, private

institutions and even teaching and non-teaching personnel in DepEd.

“We would like to thank our partners because of your passion and compassion to extend help to our learners and schools. You work with us to provide the best and this is great,” said Dr. Mariza S. Magan, Schools Division Superintendent of DepEd Tacloban.

Dr. Magan also highlighted the limitations of DepEd in their services and how stakeholders can support the parts where there needs to have improvements and interventions.

Dr. Ramir B. Uytico, Regional Director of the Department of Education Region 8, also shared an inspiring word specifically addressed to the awardees:

“Today you are all winners. And we all know that becoming a winnerdoesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of qualities and factors you need to have for you to become a true winner. You need to have the conviction, the belief that you are great and that you can do great things for the children, for the schools, and all your endeavors.”

​He emphasized how determination, empathy, and readiness to strive for the best and not to settle for less is important.

“Winners need to be self-aware. They should learn to coordinate with the people around them complement and not compete. Learn to communicate because communication is powerful. They should also aim high and try to have high emotional intelligence. Be stable, smile and rise above your emotions. Learn to motivate and inspire, make a dent and recognize your support system,” Dr. Uytico encouraged everyone.

With the theme “Thriving in Change through sustainable partnership” DepEd hopes that in 2020 and the coming years all recognized winners of 2019 will continue to build strong support for each other in which will not only help each of the organizations but most especially the children and the youth.

We are excited to continue our work with DepEd and look forward to helping even more children reach their football and educational potential.


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