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  • Donna Navarro

FundLife on capacitating its staff and youth mentors

We are working in a time when every non-profit organization on the planet needs technology resources and knowledge to operate at its full potential. And with the global health emergency we are facing, FundLife's operations have been severely hampered, especially in the first months of the COVID-19 outbreak. But the organization still strives to continue serving its beneficiaries in the best way it knows how.

But to achieve its strategic goals requires deliberate and intentional action. That’s why FundLife ensures that capacity-building resources and efficient manpower are available to make it happen.

Just recently, on May 15-16, 2021, FundLife facilitated a capacity building workshop cum team building for its staff and youth mentors. The activity sought to help the mentors and staff improve their communication skills through a social-media friendly approach to be able to present creative contents to reach its target audience better.

During the workshop, the participants learned about social media. Since nowadays everything revolves around it, including the delivery of services, FundLife thought it best to capacitate its mentors about the platform which is considered as a powerful communication medium. The participants also learned how to write a script and a news article for social media content.

At the end of the two-day workshop, the staff and youth mentors were able to improve in their writing and verbal communication skills. Through the team building activities, the staff and mentors were able to build trust for one another thereby creating a spirit of unity.

Meanwhile, the English Enhancement Program which was originally a book reading club initiative was also organized by FundLife for the same participants. Learning English is important. And in its endeavor to capacitate its youth mentors not just in football but also in other skills, FundLife has initiated an English Enhancement Program which seeks to improve its mentors’ professional development and communications skills. Since May 2021, the mentors have been learning a lot about English basics. The techniques they learn in class are targeted to facilitate smoother writing, reading and public speaking—all useful skills in the workplace. The program is expected to continue till end of the year with a post-test activity to measure the improvement of the mentors.

According to Daniel, one of the mentors, the English enhancement program is very helpful to him and to the other coaches especially in boosting their confidence when talking with other people using the language. As a coach, he stated that he has already improved in writing his session plans and in providing updates for the community sessions he facilitates.

Another initiative successfully organized by FundLife for its youth mentors is the physical fitness program. Regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones. It improves respiratory, cardiovascular health, and overall health. So, in an attempt to address health issues concerning the coaches, which were only found out after they have undergone a physical fitness test, the organization planned a weekly health regimen that the mentors can do for them to become or stay physically fit. This includes jogging on Mondays and Fridays, Zumba on Wednesdays, and going to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Staying physically active can help the mentors maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risks of developing diseases, especially nowadays.

The program is also expected to continue till December, while the coaches will undergo a quarterly physical fitness test to check whether there have been improvements in their weight and overall health.

Fundlife continues to explore more activities that are designed not only to help enhance the mentors’ potential and skills but also to address the different aspects of their wellbeing.

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