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FundLife Receives $20,000 Donation from BPI Foundation for it’s COVID-19 ‘One Bayanihan’ Emergency

Cebu, Philippines – FundLife, a not-for-profit organisation that supports highly vulnerable children across the Philippines through play-based education and mentorship, is pleased to announce a charitable contribution in the amount of USD 20,000 (PHP 1 Million), from BPI Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). The commitment from BPI Foundation will directly support FundLife’s ‘One Bayanihan COVID-19 Emergency response to support the most vulnerable children and families hardest hit by the economic impact of the prolonged quarantine.

The ‘One Bayanihan’ emergency response is a locally-led initiative comprising several local NGOs working to reach the most vulnerable groups. The donation from BPI Foundation is administered by Bidlisiw Foundation and will directly support partners of ‘One Bayanihan’, which include Bidlisiw Foundation, Bayanihan Mission, Glory Reborn and FundLife.

“This support from the BPI Foundation is absolutely critical during this unprecedented and global crisis”, said Marko Kasic, Founder of FundLife. “This commitment will allow our partners to reach a further 2,000 families in desperate need of food relief and hygiene packs”

“Challenging times present greater opportunities to give back and provide meaningful impact to those who really need assistance. Being able to collaborate with organizations like FundLife to extend immediate relief and long-term COVID-19 recovery initiatives for badly affected communities in Cebu was a welcome and timely opportunity,” said Owen Cammayo, Executive Director of BPI Foundation.

“BPI Foundation is committed to create sustainable positive social change for underserved Filipino communities.”

FundLife estimates that over 150,000 people from across Metro Cebu have been left without or pay since March 28th and are without access to financial and/or food support. Since launching the ‘One Bayanihan’ relief project on March 16th, FundLife and it’s local partners have reached over 20,000 people through food assistance, hygiene and vitamin packs as well as health awareness to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

About FundLife

FundLife is a Philippine registered NGO that was created after Super-Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) to restore hope to survivor children through play and experiential learning. It’s mission is to protect, educate and empower children from highly marginalised communities by increasing their access to mentors and opportunities.

FundLife’s regular programming includes marginalised children and youth from Leyte and Samar, Lanao del sur, Bukidnon and Cebu. In 2019, FundLife launched a girls’ protection project called ‘Girls Got This’ to team up with global champions to advocate for the safeguarding, access to education and dignified opportunity for all girls. To find out more about FundLife visit and

About BPI Foundation

The story of empowerment is at the center of BPI Foundation’s work. We envision a financially inclusive Philippines where every Filipino is empowered to live a better life. Our mission is to create a culture of financial wellness and be agents for sustainable positive social change for underserved Filipino communities.

It is our commitment to enable underserved communities with financial knowledge and access to spur responsible and sustainable growth and progress for Filipinos. For more information please visit

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