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FundLife's COVID-19 Emergency Response reaches over 20,000 vulnerable people in the Philippines

FundLife, in collaboration with local CSOs, Bayanihan Mission, Bidlisiw Foundation, Gawad Kalinga and Glory Reborn, has successfully delivered food relief, hygiene packs and health education to 20,000 children and families who were hit first and hardest by the Philippines COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine.

​The emergency response has focused on providing relief and raising awareness to stop the spread of COVID-19 to the poorest and most vulnerable communities that have been left without income and that are often outside of Government support since the ECQ was announced on March 16th in Luzon and March 28th in Visayas.

Operating out it's COVID-19 Satellite Office in Cebu City, FundLife has worked with actors to identify and reach communities in need of immediate assistance. One of the communities that Bayanihan Mission (FundLife' implementing partner) identified as 'high-risk' was Sitio Marna, a 550 household informal settlement located directly opposite one of Cebu City's largest shopping malls. It is home to 2,100 people,

many of whom are daily wage earners such as security guards, massage therapists and construction workers who have been with income or support since March 28th.​

In addition to supporting Sitio Marna, One Bayanihan has extended support to communities across Mandaue City, Talisay City and even to the coastal community of Moalboal, which employs 90% of people in the tourism industry, but has been closed to domestic and foreign tourists since March 27th. One Bayanihan has also focused on helping women, including those that are pregnant or have new-born babies but do not have resources to purchase basic but vital essentials for their babies.

The impact of COVID-19 on communities such as Marna goes beyond immediate emergency. FundLife is already working on recovery planning that aims to support already vulnerable young people and help them to cope with a post-COVID reality, which is certain to be even more difficult. One of these young people is Nina (15), who despite the challenges she faces is optimistic. She hopes to return to school soon and continue with her education. You can view her full interview here.

​​As mounting evidence and reports show, girls and women are disproportionately affected by the impact of COVID-19, projects to plan recovery projects to support adolescent girls and women. Working together with actors from business and government, FundLife is creating training programs and direct income workshops for women from vulnerable communities.

FundLife is already adapting it's 'Girls Got This' projects to a new COVID reality and is actively looking for partners to make sure the new-normal is able to provide every girl and women with an equitable opportunity for education and dignified employment, regardless of anything else.

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