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FunLife's Batang Champions: In Retrospect

We've compiled all the Batang (Child) Champions for this year! A Batang (Child) Champion embodies a committed, responsible, dedicated, and a passionate player under the FundLife Community and Mentorship Program.

Meet Kayra!

12 years old and a player of Palo, Libertad, Leyte, who has been attending our community learning space in Palo, which helps children stay in learning, despite not being able to go to school for over 1 year and 7 months.

Although Covid 19 has created unprecedented challenges for children like Kayra, we are helping them stay safe, upbeat and in education!

Keep up the good work, Kayra!

Lera says hello!

Filled with so much potential, the 16 year old was chosen by the coaches for her exceptional performance, showing great attitude and sportsmanship all throughout the sessions this week!

Lera is currently a grade 11 student and was awarded with a scholarship for this school year because of her exemplary qualities and attributes.

She then went on to be a member of her school’s volleyball team in high school while also playing and practicing different sports like football, badminton and basketball.

She expressed that her love for sports helped her overcome the challenges she had and made her into a better person.

We are so proud of you, Lera! Just keep on keeping on.

Hey, it's John Rey!

John Rey is a jolly, with stern side, grade 11 student from Palo National High school!

He had difficulties with adjusting from modular to blended learning but with passion, dedication, and support from FundLife, he was able to overcome those challenges!

Before, John Rey has no interests in sports and being physically-active but because of the community-based and mentorship sessions, he was immersed in play-based and experiential learning. Now, he love sports even more!

FundLife strives to create an environment where all children can #dreamincolors.

Meet Kim Bryan, a 17 year old student from Brgy. Libertad, Palo, Leyte. He likes to play any kinds of sports, but recently he's been hooked with football!

Did you know that Kim Bryan is a green thumb? Yes! He likes to spend time with his elbows in dirt and has the ability to cultivate plants. His aptitude in farming is a great help to his parents who are farmers.

Kim is very industrious! He's been very active in the community-based and mentorship sessions. He has no absences and really shows great potential.

He used to be very shy but upon attending numerous sessions of FundLife, we can positively say he improved a lot specially his communications skills!

Meet Marian Jhade, a 14 year old student from New Kawayan!

Just like everyone else, Marian is kind of hooked with using smartphones and browsing Social Media.

But when she became part of the Community-based and Mentorship sessions of FundLife, where they are immersed in play-based and experiential learning, Marian learned how to balance everything!

She now knows how important it is to properly allocate her time on significant matters.

FundLife is dedicated in creating educational and employment pathways for the highly vulnerable youth, where play and learning is balanced, so they may unleash their potential to the world.

Or, as we like to say, enable all children to; #dreamincolour

Darwen is 10-year old football player under the FundLife's Community-based sessions and one of the active participants of the Mentorship Program.

He's been very eager and committed to learn all the lessons and skills from the sessions. Darwen indeed has great potential!

On one of the sessions, Darwen shared how thankful he is with the Youth Mentors and Football Coaches for helping him realize to treasure every moment with his family.

FundLife is helping each children realize their full potential by immersing them in different play-based and experiential learning activities!

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