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‘Japan’ Wins FundLife’s Christmas Cup for Under 19 Category

FundLife organized a football tournament at the Leyte Provincial Sports Complex for 121 children and youth from partner schools and communities. The teams adopted the names of the World Cup 2022 participants.

Students from different schools represented each team -- giving players the opportunity to meet and gain new friends. Most of the participants are also first-time players selected by FundLife teachers and coaches based on the players’ good performance and positive behavior during the learning-based and play-based sessions.

One player shared: “Ginkukulba ako han pagkadi na kay bangin kami diri magdaog, pero yana diri na ak ginkukulba. Happy la ak nga nakamulay kami. [Translation: I was nervous on the way here because we might not win. But now, I’m just happy because we were able to play.]

The tournament also served as a breather for the students from school requirements and their weekend chores.

Focal persons from partner schools such as Antonio Balmes National High School and Scandinavian National High School graced the event. Some parents of younger players were also present during the tournament to show their support and to see their children play.

Aadi ako para ipakita it akon suporta hit akon anak." [Translated: I am here to show my support.]

Waray pa ako kita han akon anak nga nagmulay. Maupay la kay nakita gud ak nga naenjoy gud hira." [Translated: I have never seen my child play before. It’s really nice to see that they’re having fun.]

To inspire the new players and to showcase the coaches’ football skills, an exhibition game was prior to awarding.

These are the winners from different categories:

Under-19 (Mixed): Japan ( San Isidro)

Under-15 (Mixed): Croatia (Lions, Greendale, Antonio Balmes National High School)

Under-13 (Boys): England (Antonio Balmes National High School)

Under-13 (Girls): Morocco (San Isidro, Lucio Vivero Memorial School, Antonio Balmes National High School, Tigbao-Diit Central School)

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