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Muddy but happy! FundLife kicks off 2023 with purposeful play festival in Tacloban

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

FundLife started the year off on a good note with a total of 47 football games played last Saturday, January 28, 2023 during FundLife’s All Sites Football Tournament 2023 which was held at the Leyte Grandstand in Tacloban City. 131 participants ( 87 boys and 44 girls) were divided across three (3) age categories: Under 14 Boys, Under 14 Girls, and Under 20 Mixed Boys and Girls.

Team names were based on the names of participating schools. So students, parents, and teachers who were watching the games could cheer for their respective players and schools in excitement.

According to the Tournament Manager, France Rosal, Aspiring Coach and FundLife Youth Mentor, the football games were organized to promote camaraderie and assess the progress of student-players who have been playing football since the Football for Life Academy: Reach to Teach Program kicked off in October last year.

As compared to the Christmas Cup last year, we noticed that the level of the children’s competitiveness has leveled up which added thrill to the games. Their teamwork has also become more evident even for those teams where two schools were merged,” Mr. Rosal said.

Senior FundLife Coach, Daryll Villamor also said, “Last year, the children were playing for themselves meaning they just kicked the ball without clear direction where it will land; this time, the children showed that they can communicate with their teammates while they are playing.“

The tournament was also attended by focal persons and school heads from the Football For Life Academy: Reach to Teach partner schools: Ma’am Alma V. Macanip- outgoing Principal of Lucio Vivero Elementary School and incoming Public Schools District Supervisor; Ma’am Cyrill Roncal- Master Teacher from Lucio Vivero Elementary School; Ma’am Perla Buhay- Teacher from Scandinavian National High School; Kimberly Amascual- Teacher from Greendale Residences Integrated School; Sir Rufino Homerez III, Teacher and Academic Group Head from Antonio Balmes National High School.

FundLife’s program has plenty of benefits. Being engaged in sports instills in the children discipline and sportsmanship, fosters camaraderie among the players, and it promotes mental and physical health.” according to Ma'am Macanip.

Parents of younger participants were also present during the tournament. One parent said, “They are very excited to play. He said, mama, you didn’t watch me play last time, please make sure to attend this time, so you can say- ‘that’s my son.’ (laughs)

Celebrating the development of the children in our partner communities, here are the list of winners:

Under 14 Boys:

Champion: Scandinavian National High School and San Isidro

1st Runner Up: Greendale Football Club

2nd Runner Up: Antonio Balmes National High School

Under 14 Girls:

Champion: San Isidro and Antonio Balmes National High School

1st Runner Up: Lucio Vivero Elementary School

2nd Runner Up: Greendale Residences Integrated School

Under 20 Mixed:

Champion: San Isidro

1st Runner Up: Antonio Balmes National High School

2nd Runner up: Scandinavian National High School and Lion’s

Special thanks to the following groups: Tingog Partylist and the Office of the Mayor Carpool Service for transporting our students to and from Leyte Grandstand and to Tacloban City Rescue Unit (TACRU) for stationing in the area for the duration of the tournament.

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