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Water For Life Festival 2024

Updated: Apr 30


On March 16 and 17, 2024, FundLife organized a two-day Water Festival with the theme “Save water today, secure our tomorrow”  at the Generation Amazing Community Club (GACC).  The festival was aimed at  assessing the children's knowledge from their previous mentorships and educational football sessions; raising their awareness of water pollution, sanitation, and conservation practices; and offering practical solutions to water-related problems that will help address the water crisis in their respective schools and communities. The water festival  brought together a total of 360 students from different Fundlife school partners through fun futsal matches and creative display of talents. . 

On the first day of the festival, six groups of FFLA players showcased their prepared handwashing dance moves  to raise awareness on the importance of water sanitation. Presenting in front of an audience also helped them develop their confidence.   Boys from Sagkahan National High School won first place, while the girls clinched the second place. Meanwhile, Antonio Balmes National High School won third place in the handwashing dance  competition. 

While the futsal matches were ongoing, non-FFLA participants from different partner schools participated in the poster making contest.  The activity is aimed  at  raising awareness of the potential negative effects of resource neglect while simultaneously highlighting the benefits of smart management of water resources. Students were able to use their imagination in visualizing a future where communities work together to ensure that we have clean and accessible water sources. 

On the second day of the festival,, the Young Leaders from Fundlife initiated the Clean-up Drive  at the GMA Kapuso Village Park. Participants of futsal matches under  the U20 Boys and U17 Girls Categories joined the activity by collecting litter and plastics.. They were also joined by local community leaders and residents of the community. 

“It’s good to see these children helping to clean the village park where they usually play and spend time with their friends. Thank You so much for your time & effort”- said one of the residents from GMA Kapuso Village. After the cleanup drive, they all proceeded to the GACC Gym to rest and have a simple meal before the game matches started.  The second day of the event  ended with the Water for Life Promotional Parade inside the GACC where Fundlife staff, Young leaders, and project participants walked around the GACC while holding posters made by the poster making contest participants. The two-day water festival was successful in highlighting the importance of taking care of our water resources  and in engaging young people to take part in actions that help protect our environment.

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