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Disasters, Chronic Poverty and Sudden Conflict have devasting impacts on children and youth. As normalcy is removed, so too are structures and systems that protect children and foster their personal and educational development. 

The impact is that children become even more vulnerable to emotional and physical abuse, exploitation, and recruitment into extremist groups and are prone to risky behaviours or mental health issues. 


Over 80% of all children report trauma or PTSD after a sudden emergency or disaster, while 9 out of 10 children living in long-term conflict list education as the most important thing to them. 


In the immediate aftermath of an emergency, vital emotional needs are often overlooked as attention is given to a shelter, food, and economic recovery.  As a result, children are often left to cope alone and without the adequate psychosocial support, they need.  


FundLife responds to the needs of children by designing and implementing emergency humanitarian programming with long-term child development in mind.


We work with host communities to understand what children need most and create authentic and human-centric programming to restore hope, play and belonging to children and youth.  

Most critically, FundLife builds programs for life-long, community-wide development, even in emergency settings. Our approach is to restore existing community structures, rather than provide helicopter support, which ends as soon as the immediate emergency has lapsed.

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Having been founded to provide support for children in response to the world's strongest typhoon (Haiyan, 2013) FundLife has extensive experience operating on frontlines of emergencies. 


FundLife has designed and/or implemented post-disaster programming for child survivors of Super-Typhoon Haiyian (2014), the Nepal Earthquake (2015), Marawi Conflict (2017) and displaced Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees (2018) reaching over 23,000 children with psychosocial support, play and emotional learning.  

In April 2020, FundLife organised the largest community-led COVID-19 emergency responses outside of Metro Manila, reaching over 35,000 highly vulnerable people through emergency food, health and education packs. Responding to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and its impact on education, FundLife continues to reach the most vulnerable young people through access to 'learn-at-home' and 'safe-at-home' packs.

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