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4 in 10 of all young people in the Philippines will be employed in the informal sector. Informal employment is often unskilled, unregulated and below national minimum wages, providing no pathway out of chronic, intergenerational poverty.

Through a youth-led approach and working with multi-stakeholders in the community, FundLife works with young people, creating incremental changes in their belief systems and providing development pathways.  These pathways lead to increased training, confidence, and opportunity, which ultimately can help young people secure dignified and long-term employment. 

FundLife works with the community, government and business to create fully inclusive programming that gives agency to youth and self-determination to entire communities.


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FundLife collaborates with existing youth groups, formal education providers and local development partners to provide innovative programming for marginalised youth. Instilling self-belief, building character, positive values and compassion are at the core of all our work. 

Our programs are designed to help young people discover their passion and encourage them to apply themselves to their goals, on the pitch, in education and in life. 

By connecting young with peer mentors who believe in them, we provide an environment where young people feel safe to dream and provide them with the tools to pursue those dreams with dedication, conviction and with the support of their whole community.  


Since we started in 2014, we have worked with over 80,000 young people, supporting them through various pathways - some of our key outcomes in Youth Empowerment include;

  • Delivered Capacity Building for 250 Young People, providing them with skills in sports for social impact that has reached in excess of 12,000 vulnerable children

  • Provided training programmes to 20 young people, taking them all over the world, including Argentina, USA, Russia, India, UK, Qatar, and Germany

  • Provided employment and paid training to over 50 young people from highly vulnerable communities 

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- Coach Reuben 

FFLA Senior Coach and Youth Leader

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