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FundLife was founded on the principle that all lives have equal value and potential. We work to protect all children, regardless of sex, age or background. However, working in marginalised communities and listening to local stories made it clear that girls face unique challenges that their male counterparts do not.

Girls in poverty are 4x more likely to experience violence than boys, and over 70% of all online exploitation victims are children aged 10-18, ff these, 87% are girls. While victims of sexual exploitation for commercial purposes are predominantly 13 to 18-year-old girls, often pushed into this dark world by family members desperate and in extreme or acute poverty.

To keep all girls safe, FundLife created 'Girls Got This' a female-first, action-led movement to protect, educate and empower all girls and give them the same opportunity as their male counterparts.



Through female-first programming, FundLife actively promotes Gender Parity and ensures all thematic work includes the protection and advancement programs for girls and young women.

To shift power for gender intersectionality and female empowerment, we work with teachers, parents and other community members to spread awareness of girls’ rights and deliver our proven programs to keep girls safe and motivated to follow their dreams. Our programs include the following;

  • Protection through Purposeful Play

  • Education through Peer-Mentorship and Female Champions Curriculum

  • Empowerment Through Access to Formal Training Programs to Access Dignified Employment Opportunities


Since the launch of Girls Got This, we have created protection, education and empowerment pathways to engage, inspire and energise girls so that they can believe in their incredible potential.

Our Impact includes;

  • Launching the Girls Community League, reaching over 400 girls through regular access to play, mentorship and inclusive festivals

  • 1,679 Girls reached through access to education classes and peer mentorship support

  • 1,500 adolescent girls reached through COVID-19 Emergency Hygiene and Protection Kits

4-2019 02 09 GCL - Inaugural Tournament.
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