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In a country dominated by meat options and processed fast-food, Jonel Ucab saw an untapped opportunity to promote affordable and healthy food while fusing traditional Filipino comfort foods to ensure mass-market acceptance. 

A vegeterian since birth and self-taught chef since before his teen years, Jonel created the Green Pantry from a combination of passion for plant based dishes and frustration at lack of meat-free options.

Less than one year after Green Pantry started, it has already captured over 30% of the local pre-packaged food market in Cebu and has exciting prospects to reach even more people in Cebu and beyond. We are excited to support Jonel on his journey to creating a healthier, meat-free Philippines!

For more information about Jonel and Green Pantry, please visit their FB page.




  • Launched in October 2020 - already has 35% of total ‘meal-prep market in Cebu

  • Over 100 regular customers with value of customer USD 85 per month

  • Easy-to-grow model, only requiring capital to increase operations and scale to a market worth over USD 3 million

  • Brand loyalty and market rating of #1 in Cebu

  • Fully operational locally trained staff of 9 employees

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