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Celebrate Small Wins to Achieve Big Goals: FundLife’s Employee Wellness Initiatives

Our brains can be easily swayed into thinking negatively. It will make us contemplate failure and defeat. The tasks and responsibilities that seem never endless will make you feel like everything is taunting and unmanageable. You will start questioning all your efforts, and that you will never achieve your goals.

With clear goals in mind, and celebrating small victories, will help lessen the negative thoughts in our brains. FundLife International is always advocating in creating safe spaces for both its employee and beneficiaries- which are the highly vulnerable youth.

Celebrating the victories of the coaches and youth mentors will give them a sense of accomplishment. Celebrating will also mark the end of something. All the milestones will help gauge the progress of the coaches and youth mentors and will make them highly motivated.

On July 2nd, the organization conducted a celebration activity to commemorate the achievements of the youth mentor and coaches. Donna Trecene led the activity by announcing the lists of awards and recognitions.

The awards and recognitions are as follows;

Spelling Superstar

Spelling Wizard

Best Stay-at-Home Video

Best Educational Video

Best Coach of the Month

The coaches and the youth mentors were given a small piece of paper where they will cast their votes for the Best Coach of the month. There was a hard time choosing for the title since everyone was on their A-game for the whole month, delivering and extending various supports to the highly vulnerable children.

Lo and behold, the declaration of the Best Coach of the month! Aspiring Coach Christian Parreno bagged the award for his continued growth and diligent work efforts which contributes to the success of the organization. Coach John Rex obtained the Spelling Superstar, Coach Ayo got the Spelling Wizard, and the Best Educational and Stay-at-home Video were attained by the Team of Christian Parreno.

It was a fun-filled event. The organic staff, youth mentors, and the coaches of FundLife International were able to celebrate the milestones and acknowledge the accomplishments.

FundLife International is always on the vanguard of creating a conducive environment where creativity, expressiveness, innovation, and vision will prosper.

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