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Children puts Dignity into Action on World Dignity Day!

“I take pride of myself because I am honest and I think about the actions I do, be it at home or wherever I go to and whatever situation I am in,” said Daniel Ocenar, one of the Football for Life Academy team captain when he shared his “Dignity Story” last October 12, 2019.

The Dignity Cup was simultaneously conducted at Plaza Libertad, Tacloban City and in the Sisters of Mary Girls town, Talisay Cebu to celebrate Global Dignity Day, which takes falls on October 16th.

A total of 196 children (52% girls) from selected public schools and underserved communities in Leyte and Cebu that FundLife is currently working with were able to participate in the football festival and other activities aimed to unite children from different communities and enable them to take pride with their qualities and skills and learn to respect other people.

Andrew Figari (in the middle) posing with Kids Mix Category Runners-Up, Sagkahan Central School.

Andrew Figari, a volunteer with FundLife in Tacloban shared with the children what dignity means to him. He told them dignity is key to the human spirit. That dignity means being valued and respected for who one is, what they believe in, how they feel and how they decide to go about their lives. He also inspired by sharing a personal story of dignity during his time volunteering in Brazil.

In Leyte, 77 boys and 67 girls from 16 teams played against each other in three different categories; U18 Girls (7 teams), U18 Boys (5 teams) and Kids Mix (4 teams).

The burning heat of the sun just fueled up the energy and drive of all teams to win the championships. The other children cheered for their favorites teams while the other one helped to hand out water refills and towels.

The most cheered, “Small but terrible” team of San Isidro dominated the U18 girl’s category. Their team is known to have petite girls but are remarkably good in defending and stealing the ball. Their unique football skills made them the champion while the girls from Palo National High School won the silver medal.

In the childrens mixed category, Palo National High School won against team A of Sagkahan Central School who was automatically declared as 1st runner up.

U18 Boys Champions, TSCHI, and Runners-Up, Sagkahan National High School.

The action-packed and tension-filled games of the U18 boys ended with a penalty shoot-out where team A of Tanauan School of Craftsmanship and Home Industries (TSCHI) scored 2 against 1 from Sagkahan National High School making them the Champion.

Apart from the official winners the teams of TSCHI team A (U18 girls), San Isidro (U18 boys) and San Isidro (Kids Mix) were awarded as Dignity Champions of the tournament for standing out and visibly showing respect and fairness in their manner of playing throughout the tournament.

In Cebu, ​Mr. Lowell Ferrer, Regional Sales Manager of Redbull Philippines shared his dignity story.

Meanwhile, in Cebu, Mr. Lowell Ferrer, Regional Sales Manager of Redbull Philippines shared his dignity story. He emphasized the meaning of dignity and how each child or individual should value his/her self and the qualities he/she possess.

“It took me years to get to where I am today. I saw how my parents, how my mother struggled just to send me to school. I did not have everything I wanted in an instant. “

“The value of a thing is based on one’s perspective. Concentrate on what you have. What is important is that as young as you are you need to see the value even the small things that you have. You need to appreciate yourselves.”

After the inspiring advises that Mr. Ferrer shared, Miss Hanna Mae Panlaan, the Sports Director of Sisters of Mary Girls town did the ceremonial kick to officially start the tournament.

Influenced by Mr. Ferrer’s words the children played positively. Each team seized their moments in the court. All of them wanted to win. And out of 8 strong and dedicated teams, Alpha team won the Championship. Their team’s exemplary teamwork and good strategy helped them to victory.

Out of 52 children (67% were girls) who played with pride and assurance, three children stood out.

Khian Joe Abregana was declared as the Most Valuable player and Mary Rose Berba got The Golden Boot award. Both are the best players in the Alpha team. Meanwhile, was Joana Callora was awarded as the Best Goal Keeper.

This event is Tacloban and Cebu encourages all children to consciously incorporate acts of dignity not only during sports activities but most especially into their daily life.

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