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CLS Fun Learning Activity: Career Day!

The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln

On May 26, 27, and 31, 2022, FundLife hosted another end-of-month fun learning activity with the theme: Career Day for the youth learners of Habitat Community Library, Libertad Elementary School, and Ridge View Park Integrated School.

A total of 103 learners from the different CLS sites participated in this activity. Some of them came to the event proudly dressed up as the person they want to be when they grow up. A majority of the learners wanted to become teachers, policemen, or chefs, while others wanted to become celebrities, engineers, and other professional careers.

CLS - Habitat

CLS - Libertad

CLS - Ridge View

The learners enjoyed the various team and collaborative activities and games that tested their general knowledge about careers, including featured jobs such as being farmers, fisherfolks, marine biologists, accountants or bankers, and engineers.

The highlight of the activity was the Career Day Passport Activity, where each group had to “travel” to different “countries” to listen to learning aides (dressed in different career costumes: PE teacher, lawyer, accountant, chef, police officer, engineer, midwife, and astronaut) talk about their jobs, the tools or equipment they use on the job, and what it takes to become one of them. After the groups listened to each station's representative, they got a sticker stamp on their passport.

Before the activity ended, learners were recognized for a number of accomplishments, including improved academic standing, a demonstration of their love of learning, or because they have shown exemplary attitude and behavior. "The activity for this month was fun and informative, that's why I like it. The teachers dressed up as different professionals and they each explained how these careers help the community. Because of this, I already have an idea on what career I will be choosing when I grow up." - Arl Angel, Grade 4 learner from Libertad Elementary School.

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