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Common Goal Impact Story: Shinji, meet Coach Robelyn from Fundlife International

“Football has given me so many opportunities and giving one percent of our salaries is a commitment for us players that can do lot for people less fortunate than us.”

This is what Dortmund’s midfielder Shinji Kagawa have told Common Goal last year upon pledging to support FundLife International in fighting for quality education for disadvantaged youth and children.

It was in the first collaboration cycle of Common Goal where FundLife was selected as part of the 27 organizations teaming up with players and managers. This allocation of pledges enables them to implement ‘football for good’ programmes in addressing social issues in several countries.

FundLife has been selected by Common Goal since the non-profit organization is committed to taking initiatives in line with Kagawa’s advocacy through the Football For Life Academy (FFLA) programme. FFLA, FundLife’s award winning programme, is a long term sustainable platform supporting vulnerable children commit to their education, follow their dreams and ultimately escape poverty.

The programme has already produce more than 50 youth leaders fighting for access to good education and one of them is Coach Robelyn Villas. Her story is just one of the many narratives chosen by Common Goal to be part of their ‘Impact Story Project.’ Introducing Coach Rhobs to Shinji is also introducing the success stories FundLife has provided to individuals in the Philippines’ marginalized communities.

Everyone at FundLife is super excited to have Shinji supporting our work and while we all know him, we think he might not know a lot about us.

So Shinji, meet Coach Rhobs:

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