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CONGRATULATIONS, TEAM F4L!! || F4L Graduation and Awarding Ceremony 2017

Tacloban City - Saturday 5 August 2017 was a big day for our Football for Life players as they attended the inaugural F4L Graduation and Awarding Ceremony at the Leyte National High School. The day was to mark the dedication and commitment of F4L player in both their F4L sessions and academic studies.

The Department of Education (DepEd) and Parents of the awardees were invited to join the F4L Coaches and FundLife Staff in this celebration. Mrs. Dorie Sison, Chief for Quality Assurance and Officer in Charge of the Office of the Regional Director of DepEd Region VIII, gave the opening remarks, congratulating the players and recognizing the impact Football for Life has made in the lives of children.

“You should be proud of your achievements,” says Mrs. Sison to the players. “As part of Football for Life, a programme that teaches you all these values, you should be role models to your community. I am thankful to FundLife for initiating this type of activity, specifically here in Tacloban.”

F4L Coach Reuben Ranille followed in sharing his life story to the kids. As one coming from the same background and has now achieved graduating college and being selected for the Michael Johnson Young Leaders programme in America, he inspired the audience about how one should value hard work, persistence, and staying humble, and how one’s education should be given great importance.

The awarding ceremony began immediately after, and the awards were given by Mrs. Sison, together with the Head Coaches and Staff of Football for Life.

Certificates of Recognition were given to the players of F4L who have successfully finished elementary and high school for their Academic Achievements, while Special Awards, namely Best in Attendance, Most Outstanding Player, Role Model Award, Most Improved, and Most Behaved were given to our players who have showed dedication to the programme and exemplified the values F4L wishes to uphold, such as Respect, Persistence, Commitment, Excellence, and Leadership. Jerseys were also given out to the players who have consistently participated in the sessions and Football for Life activities.

The list of Awardees can be found here.

Each site also performed and showcased their other talents in between the awarding. Some players also delivered heartfelt thank you speeches and shared their unforgettable experiences in Football for Life to everyone, bringing some to tears.

To close the programme, Margaux Inocando, FundLife International’s Development and Communications Manager, congratulated all the awardees for their achievements and thanked the staff, coaches, and most especially the parents of the players who came for showing their support to the children. “Your presence here is of great importance to each and every one here, most especially the children. It’s a very challenging responsibility to teach and guide children, especially in their formative years, but it’s also a privilege to touch these children’s lives and be a part of their development. Every little thing we do, no matter how small, matters. For the children to see how much you support them in their activities and achievements is very encouraging to the children - and to us, to continue our work. So, for just being here, thank you.”

Overall, it was was a moving, inspiring, and fun ceremony and the first of it’s kind, where children were formally recognized for their achievements, on and off the football field. As the programme teaches children everyday, individual efforts and small victories should not go unnoticed, and all accomplishments, big and small, should always be celebrated and encouraged.

Congratulations to all our players for showing great commitment to Football for Life and to their education!

Special thank you to the Department of Education for joining us in this event, the Leyte National High School for being our host venue, and most especially to the parents who came and supported their children in this endeavour. We hope this encourages more support from our players’ families in their participation in the programme. More importantly, we hope this becomes a model for our communities - recognizing good work, achievements of our children, and supporting them in their development - in and outside of school. ~

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