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FL: R2T Extends COVID-19 Emergency Education Programming to Reach more Children at Risk

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

FundLife is expanding the Reach 2 Teach (R2T) COVID-19 emergency programming to reach even more children located in relocation communities across Tacloban North.

After several weeks of assessments and consultations with stakeholders from government and community, FundLife will launch new programming to reach an additional 161 children that have been identified as ‘at increased risk’ of being forced to give up on education.

The R2T program is a direct response to the ongoing COVID-19 education emergency that is continuing to adversely impact the most vulnerable children and youth. COVID-19 has created ongoing education emergency that has help children of physical face to face learning for over 646 consecutive days, marking the longest education shutdown since World War II. The situation also aggravated the child protection emergencies such as violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect, among others.

Through this endeavor, FundLife will be working to reach the most marginalized children and those without access to digital resources or enabling environments to learn from home. We will engage them with experiential and play-based learning activities through the creation of safe spaces within partner communities where children can achieve their full potential.

We utilize the power of Community Learning Spaces (CLS) to improve the academic performance of slow performing students and to decrease the school dropout rates.

This expansion is supported by the City Government of Tacloban through its Tacloban North City Hall Extension Office and also by the Youth Groups in the eight (8) relocation sites, to wit; GMA Kapuso Village, SOS Village, Habitat Village, Aeroville, Coreville, UNDP Village, Lion’s Village, and Ridge View Park Village.

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