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Fresh drop! New FFLA Jerseys for Tacloban this Football Season

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

FundLife will be distributing these Football For Life Academy (FFLA) jerseys to active players from the seven (7) community sites in Tacloban. Out of the 193 FFLA players, 110 have shown commitment and heart in the game and will receive their respective jerseys for the up-coming football season.

The 83 remaining players are expected to receive their FFLA jerseys after their 2 month-training and participation in scheduled FFLA activities which not only include football drills and practice, but also Champion sessions and youth mentoring programs that aim to enhance their skills and competencies both in sports and in life.

#FFLA aims to provide a safe place for young Filipinos to train, develop camaraderie and sportsmanship, and have a chance to socialize and have fun while schools are still not open. We’re all excited to see these children play their hearts out on the field! Here’s to #rebuildingdreams one game at a time.

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