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FundLife and RISE Team up to Improve Access To Learning and Internet Connectivity in Public Schools

Cebu, Philippines

FundLife announces a new working partnership with Responsible Internet Sustainability Effort, Inc (RISE) to foster access to quality education through accelerated internet deployment, digital learning and mentorship for students across Metro Cebu.

The partnership will support Fundlife’s ‘UpLift Education’ initiative to provide more quality education for youth and support digital literacy training and mentorship by combining these efforts with high quality internet to specific schools. RISE is committed to creating a positive impact in the community and this school focused initiative will sponsor the schools with fiber based internet connectivity on an ongoing basis.

This initiative has the potential to deliver over 6,000 digital education learning hours to over 1,500 students across Cebu every 12 months.

To create further impact, FundLife will deliver digital literacy training, mentorship and learning devices for selected students from these schools to assist in their educational development and digital skills.

The new partnership is incredibly timely as schools across the Philippines transition back to face-to-face classes after more than 28 months of interrupted education due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bridging the digital divide is a key aim of the Uplift Education vision, which seeks to combat the learning poverty across the Philippines impacting 91% of all students in the Philippines. The RISE mission is to accelerate internet for the Philippines, and as such is committed to taking steps to support equitable and inclusive access.

About FundLife FundLife is a community-led not-for-profit organisation delivering direct support to children in short-term and chronic emergencies in the Philippines. Through access to purposeful play, quality education and positive youth mentors, FundLife ensures even the most vulnerable children can reach their full potential. We believe every dream is worth fighting for - Follow our work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

To find out more about the work of FundLife and our UpLift Education project, please email or call +63 53 523 1160

About RISE

Responsible Internet Sustainability Effort, Inc. (RISE) is an internet service provider with the mission to accelerate internet for the Philippines. We achieve this by being a collaborative partner to our customers, our partners, and the community.

For more information on RISE community initiatives please visit

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