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FundLife and Women of Substance Collaborate for Philippine Blockchain Week 2022

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

FundLife Teams Up with Women of Substance (WoS) NFT to Accelerate Access to Digital Inclusion and Learning for Vulnerable Young People in the Philippines.

FundLife is proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with Women of Substance (WoS) NFTs for the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) 2022. The tie-up will increase opportunities for vulnerable youth to access digital learning resources and see the UpLift Education Fund launch to enable 1 million children to access online learning by 2025.

The first step of the collaboration will see WoS provide 500 marginalised youth with free access to, ReSkills, an online learning app that allows them to access and complete hundreds of training courses in personal development and technical skills across the digital sector. Women of Substance is the official NFT of the PBW, allowing WoS NFT holders to access PBW and benefit from several perks, including VIP access to PBW and 1-year subscription to Reskills, a global certified accreditation online learning platform

Over 90% of students in the Philippines are in learning poverty and many not have access to quality education or digital learning platforms To further promote the economic empowerment and equitable participation of girls in Web 3, FundLife, through its ‘Girls Got This’ initiative, will ensure a minimum of 300 users to ReSkills will be adolescent girls and young women that are currently supported by FundLife's ongoing mentorship sessions.

FundLife and Women of Substance will also convene during PBW 2022 to lead a session on how blockchain technology has the potential to solve some of the most pressing issues stopping young people from finishing their education.

To find out more about the work of FundLife and our UpLift Education Fund, please email or call +63 53 523 1160. For anyone interested in minting a WoS NFT, you can visit

Philippine Blockchain Week takes place between November 28 - December 4 in Newport Resorts World, Manila. For full details please visit

About FundLife:

FundLife is a community-led not-for-profit organisation delivering direct support to children in short-term and chronic emergencies in the Philippines. FundLife ensures that even the most vulnerable children can reach their full potential through access to purposeful play, quality education, and positive youth mentors. FundLife believe every dream is worth fighting for - Follow our work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

About Women of Substance:

Women of Substance is a female-led NFT project that celebrates the achievements of inspiring women while providing support for aspiring entrepreneurs in Web3. Founded by commercial pilot and philanthropist, Filipina Pilot Chezka, the NFTs provide real-life utilities to events and donations to Charitable institutions supporting young people.

For more information on Women of Substance, please visit

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