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FundLife Capped Off 2022 with Fun Learning Festival at Reach To Teach Schools

A week before Christmas, FundLife International hosted a Fun Learning Festival for children and youth under the Reach to Teach Program. The said year-end activity was attended by 249 children and youth-beneficiaries across eight (8) different sites- 1) Brgy. Paglaum, Tacloban City for students from Lorenzo Daa and Antonio Balmes National High school; 2) Libertad Elementary School, Palo Leyte; 3) Scandinavian National High School, Tacloban City; 4) Tigbao-Diit Central School, Tacloban City; 5) Ridgeview Park Integrated School, Tacloban City; 6) Kapuso Village Integrated School, Tacloban City; 7) Greendale Residences Integrated School, Tacloban City; and 8) Lucio Vivero Memorial School, Tacloban City.

FundLife teachers and coaches facilitated games which allowed the children to have fun while learning the following skills: communication, leadership, teamwork, creativity, and strategic thinking. The games also fostered friendship among the children. In groups attended by both high school and elementary students, the older children served as role models for the younger ones; “ates” and “kuyas” also encouraged the younger members of the group by cheering for them while they were performing. The presence of the ates and kuyas and the encouragement of the teachers and coaches boosted the students’ confidence so much that beneficiaries across different sites volunteered to share their talents.

The following focal persons were also present at their site during the activity: Ms. Perla Buhay from Scandinavian National High School; Mr. Zandro Pontillan from Tigbao-Diit Central School; Ms. Jenny Balitos from Ridgeview Park Integrated School; Ms. Kimberly Amascual from Greendale Residences Integrated School; Ms. Generene Enage from Libertad Elementary School; Ms. Cyrill Roncal from Lucio Vivero Memorial School; Mr. Roel Montezon from Kapuso Village Integrated School; and Mr. Jerwyn Bahia from Lorenzo Daa Elementary School.

All focal persons delivered inspiring speeches to their students; encouraging them to keep showing up and learning as much from the sessions. They also recognized FundLife as one of their schools’ important institutional partners in bringing forth a positive impact in their students’ lives. The focal persons also thanked the teachers and coaches for being patient with their students during football and learning sessions and for organizing the learning festival to cap off the year. Each focal person received a certificate of appreciation and a small token of gratitude from FundLife.

Three special awards were also given to three students for every site. The Star Student Award was given to students who showed exemplary performance during Learning Space Sessions from October-December. The Perseverance Award was given to students who showed persistence and determination. While the Most Promising Award was given to students who showed the most improvement in the last three months. Student awardees received certificates and prizes in the form of hygiene kits, toys, and snacks.

To end the activity in each site, teachers and coaches served simple snacks of spaghetti and juice which they personally prepared for their student-beneficiaries.

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