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FundLife Celebrates Global Day of Play!

The celebration opened with a message from Ms. Patricia Kaye Caceres, accredited Coach of the Coaches Across Continents (CAC) about the positive impacts in creating time and space for people to play. The Global Day of Play celebration was held on August 27, 2022 with the support of Generation Amazing. All the FundLife players and participants were ready to celebrate a full day full of fun and just expressing themselves through play.

The players were grouped into four teams and participated in multiple group games and activities. The goal of the activities was to demonstrate the benefits of play, knowledge, skills, and positive values in activities, as well as for the participants to gain new friends and realise the importance of respect and camaraderie to achieve goals. CLS Learning Aide Renzo Bactol shared the mechanics and flow of the activities for the day. He also emphasized playing safely and fairly all throughout.

In total, there were eight games and one preliminary activity which was the Zumba dance activity. Some of the games in the CAC GDOP packet included leadership lines, all in football scrimmage where teams had to modify the rules and agree amongst them, football tennis, and make your own game. The other activities featured traditional games of the Philippines like sipa and patintero while the rest were games that emphasised the values and virtues of responsibility and respect.

During the Awarding Ceremony, four (4) awards were presented - including Most Fun Team, Global Day of Play 2nd runner up, 1st runner up, and Champion.

The activity ended with a few words of thanks from the coaches. They highlighted their appreciation for the youth players for participating actively, and encouraged them to continue joining in the community-based futsal sessions and other activities of FundLife.

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