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FundLife Feature: Get to know Teacher Rojie!

Teacher Rojie, as the kids fondly call her, is a Community Learning Space (CLS) Teacher of FundLife and a Support Coach in our Community-Based Sessions (CBS). She has been with us for almost a year already.

Teacher Rojie's daily routine starts with her alarm clock ringing at 4:00 AM. After morning preps, she takes off early to the FundLife office where a shuttle service awaits to bring all the teachers and coaches to their respective communities. They usually arrive at 7:40 AM at our safe space where she sets up the room and makes sure the surrounding is conducive to learning.

FundLife Community Learning Space - Career Day!

"As I continue teaching, I receive much more than I am giving. In the beginning, when I tried to assess if I was really making an impact on these children, I felt I would have to wait forever to see any positive results from my efforts. But, as I continued working with FundLife, it felt more rewarding and fulfilling, especially when the parents or guardians told me how significantly I affected their child's life. I always have a lot of fun. Every task I work on is enjoyable and fun. Everything about my work at FundLife is memorable."

What is your most memorable experience working with FundLife?

One of Teacher Rojie's memorable experiences was when her pupils were improving their reading skills and character development. They learned how to value the true essence of education. "As I went on, I realized that teaching is not an easy job because it requires total commitment and love towards the profession and learners." As they learn from your teachings, you can also learn from your learners. Teacher Rojie learned that her pupils have different styles of learning and her time with FundLife has been an enlightenment experience. It has made her reevaluate and ask herself the question: "What kind of teacher do I want to be in the future?"

"I have learned that a teacher should not only be good at imparting knowledge but also fun and interactive; one who could make my students 100% involved in every lesson and activity." Her goal is to teach her students how to appreciate and apply learned concepts in real life. She further shares that teaching in our Community Learning Spaces has made her think out of the box, become creative, and use critical thinking. And that's why Teacher Rojie loves working at FundLife. And we love working with her too!

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