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FundLife Kicks Off GCL season 2023; Developmental Futsal League for Girls

FundLife, with the support of partner schools from the Department of Education and the Local Government of Tacloban and Leyte, kicked off the Girls Community League (GCL) 2023 season at the Leyte Sports Development Centre on April 15, 2023.

Participants for the event’s kick-off included not only girl players but also their team managers, coaches, teachers, and parents.

Ms. Aurelia Dela Cruz, the school Principal of Tigbao-Diit Central School, formally welcomed all participants to the event. She encouraged the girls to maximize the opportunity to practice their skills in futsal and learn from the mentorship sessions. She also reminded the players to stay committed and show their best performance in all their matches.

Girls participated in fun games and introductory friendly matches throughout the day. Despite the hot weather, they actively participated and developed a sisterly bonding with other teams. They enjoyed the activities while familiarizing themselves with each other’s team members.

''I finally met my idol futsal player; she is my senior. I look up to her. Before, I could only watch her play, but now, I was given a chance to play in the same league as her. I am looking forward to the official futsal matches and learning her (my idol futsal player’s) techniques in playing futsal which will help me improve,'' said one of the girl players.

115 girls and 17 teams are participating this season under three categories: 13 years old and under (U13), 17 years old and under (U17), and Women's Open.

The Girls Community League (GCL) is a developmental project which aims to protect, educate and empower girls by building their character and confidence through regular access to futsal games. This helps them have fun learning the game, prepares them for the relevant possibility of playing for their school's team, and teaches them life skills.

The project launched in 2019 and supports an action-led movement to reach the UN SDGs and empower 1 million girls by 2030 through equitable access to participation and opportunity.

This year’s GCL will give girls access to equal participation in play and learning, fostering gender equity and removing cultural stereotypes. The mentorship sessions will involve stories of successful female athletes, business women, influencers, and leaders who inspire girls to believe in themselves.

As a counterpart, girls participating in GCL must regularly attend classes and perform well in their studies. The project wants them to ensure that while they exercise their rights to play, education, and safety, they become responsible individuals towards themselves, family, school, and future careers—a process to ensure that the potential of girls is unleashed.

Special thanks to the following groups: Tingog Partylist and the Office of the Mayor Carpool Service for transporting our students to and from Leyte Grandstand and to Tacloban City Rescue Unit (TACRU) for stationing in the area for the duration of the tournament.

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