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FundLife launches Blockchain-Powered COVID-19 Emergency Education Fund for Children

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

FundLife announces a new partnership with BitGive to leverage blockchain technology and deliver critical help for children disappropriately impacted by the COVID-19 education shutdown. The newly formed Emergency Education Fund will support vulnerable children that have been out of school for over 500 days in the Philippines - representing the longest school shutdown for children since World War II.

The collaboration will allow any individual or business to donate Bitcoin or several other digital currencies to support children who are suffering most from the ongoing COVID-19 education and child protection emergency across the Philippines. Through the GiveTrack platform, donors will be able to track their gift and see in real-time the impact it is having while having full traceability of funds deployed.

For less than $0.7 a day, FundLife is able to reach one child with an Emergency Education Pack to ensure their safety and access to learning for 30 days. The Emergency Response Fund aims to reach 1,000 vulnerable children from FundLife supported communities who have been out of schooling and direct teaching for over 17 months.

FundLife, Founder, and Executive Director, Marko Kasic, said, “COVID-19 has decimated education for marginalized children across the Philippines. By engaging and harnessing the reach of the cryptocurrency community, we can keep hundreds of children in learning and ensure they receive critical support during this unprecedented and prolonged emergency”.

The collaboration with BitGive, the world’s first BitCoin registered 501(c) charity, will further accelerate FundLife’s mission to ensure children have access to a safe childhood, quality education and equitable opportunity to realize their full potential. “The potential of blockchain technologies to deliver quality education for marginalized children is undeniable and we are excited about embracing it”, Kasic added.

To contribute to the Emergency Education Fund for children in the Philippines please visit FundLife’s GiveTrack Page. For more information on how FundLife is working to support children during COVID-19, visit or email

About FundLife

FundLife is a community-led NGO delivering direct support to children in short-term and chronic emergencies located in the Philippines. Through access to purposeful play, quality education and positive youth mentors, FundLife ensures even the most vulnerable children can reach their full potential. We believe every dream is worth fighting for - Follow our work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

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