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FundLife launches NFT Development Fund for Emerging Artists from the Philippines

FundLife is excited to announce the launch of the Non-Tangible Token Development Fund Philippines (NFT-DFP) to support and showcase young and underrepresented artists from the Philippines.

As part of our partnership with digital media company, Zodiac Friends, FundLife is committed to fostering new opportunities for underserved digital artists and pursing the evolving NFT space to promote dignified livelihood for marginalised youth.

The NFT development fund will operate to increase opportunities for developing talent to be nurtured, celebrated and showcased. The fund will also ensure that 50% of all supported artists are female.

Launching with an initial 0.5 ETH, the NFT-DFP will work with local NFT communities to help curate works that align to our mission of bringing attention to protecting the dreams of children by ensuring all children have access to equitable opportunity and quality education.

The first project from the NFT-DFP will be the ‘Stolen Dreams Collective’ (XX Dreams Co.), to bring awareness and attention for the ongoing educational crisis that has stopped over 23 million children from having access to quality education for over 750 days.

Speaking on the launch, FundLife Founder, Marko Kasic, commented ‘This aligns completely with our vision to shine a light and help young talents that often lack the opportunities they need. It is clear the NFT space is only starting and digital skills will be at the forefront of 21st century employment; investment in the space is vital to capitalise on the innate talent that exists all around us’.

More details on the NFT-DFP, including the X Dreams Co. will follow over coming days via official FundLife channels. To find out more email and follow our twitter page

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