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FundLife launches Uplft Education Initiative: 998,750 children still to go!

Manila, Philippines - FundLife officially launched the 'UpLift Education' initiative during the inaugural Philippine Blockchain Week 2022 (PBW 2022), which took place on Nov 29 - Dec 2nd in Manila.

(From left) Agon Hare, Founder, Project Nightfall, Chezka Gonzales, Founder, Women of Substance NFT Project, Marko Kasic, Founder, FundLife - At FundLife Booth during PBW 2022

FundLife is a direct partner of the Women of Substance NFT project and the official charity partner for the glamorous gathering which bought together global leaders of Web 3.0 to the Philippines, despite the challenges faced by the wider Crypto space in 2023.

While many gathered to discuss the potential of Web 3.0 to transform traditional business and Web 2.0, FundLife was there to raise awareness for the millions of children who do not have access to Web 1.0 and are living in digital poverty.

Marko Kasic, FundLife Founder discussing the UpLift Education Initiative.

FundLife used the global platform to announce our 'UpLift Education' initiative that combines innovative technology solutions, including blockchain, alongside our proven community and human-centric solutions to help reach children with access to digital learning, youth mentoring, and quality teaching.

The UpLift goal is to reach (uplift) one million children over the next three years through digital inclusion. It's an ambitious goal but highly achievable if we can work with socially-impactful technology providers.

We are already off to a good start by providing a fibre optic wifi connection for Maringondon High School. The complimentary wifi supplied by Rise will give 1,250 students access to digital learning resources. In addition, FundLife will conduct digital literacy and training programmes for 100 students and train ten (10) teachers on using digital learning.

We still have a long way to reach another 998,750 children, but we are committed to the task and can't wait to find others to help us get there!

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