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FundLife is first PH-based NGO approved by The Giving Block to receive Crypto Donations

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

FundLife is pleased to announce that we are officially a part of 'The Giving Block', the global leader in the Cryptocurrency Philanthropy Space, to receive cryptocurrency donations to directly fund our work to reach highly vulnerable children and youth in the Philippines.

In becoming accredited by The Giving Block, FundLife will be able to offer donors full tax benefits while ensuring full transparency and traceability of how the donation is being used. Moreover, we will be able to work directly with individual donors to focus on issue-specific programming allowing a more personalised giving and impact experience.

Donations from The Giving Block will directly fund our emergency COVID-19 educational programming to ensure more children are supported to obtain access to quality education, peer mentors, and pathways to digital skills and employment. In addition to directly funding our existing work, we will create opportunities for donors to join our 'Decentralised Education Fund,' which utilises the potential of blockchain technology to create democratised and decentralised quality education for all children living in chronic and short-term emergencies.

For further information on our 'Decentralised Education Fund ' or to discuss personalised giving, please email to set up a discovery call.

If you would like to donate using crypto, please donate here. For donations using fiat, you can donate here. If you would like to know more about FundLife, please email or visit our website at

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