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Fundlife partners with Girl Rising for stronger youth empowerment initiative

​FundLife in collaboration with Girl Rising (GR) hosted a trainer training on the Explore More Program toolkit last August 23-24, 2019.

With the support of the Department of Education (DepEd) Region 8, 11 public school teachers and 5 local FFLA coaches actively participated the training which highlighted the use of creative multimedia tools as part of the Explore More Program design to address gender inequality and to empower girls. “Communities will progress if girls are empowered and are given equal opportunities, “said Mr. Jerome Bactol, Country Program Manager of Girl Rising and the facilitator of the training.

All of them went through a detailed orientation about the toolkit which comprises of 3 session plans with various activities and worksheets designed to highlight all participant’s dreams and abilities for them to become successful in life.

The sessions also highlight stories of girls who went through difficult situations but learned to step up for their rights and dreams which will hopefully be used to inspire children especially girls to aim for a successful and better life.

The coaches and teachers themselves completed the worksheets and individual activities in each of the session plans. They shared their own experiences and tried to test the appropriateness of the tool and project the effect of each activity that the children will go through once they use this tools on them.

Mr. Jerome Bactol from Girl Rising facilitating the 'Explore More' workshop in collaboration with FundLife.

​​“If I’d be able to plan out the implementation well with our school I’d personally share this with my co-teachers because this is a good tool for the children,” said Mrs. Jessica O. Elizan, Sports Coordinator of San Jose Central School.

The new partnership between FundLife and GR which is supported by DepEd is hoped to improve not only how coaches deliver activities in the Football for Life Academy Program but also to use this to effectively engage girls participating the Girl’s Community League in a more empowering learning space.

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