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Fundlife responds to Learning Crisis through Experiential Learning Packs Distribution

A total of 298 students received experiential learning packs as part of the FundLife Leadership Academy; Reach to Teach (FLA; R2T) project.

Each learning pack contains school supplies, a hygiene kit, and a resiliency workbook to support the Social and Emotional learning of learners especially those who were greatly impacted by the pandemic and the ongoing learning crisis.

The Experiential Learning Packs were distributed to selected students from Greendale Residences Integrated School, Scandinavian National High School, Antonio Balmes National High School, Lorenzo Daa Memorial School, Lucio Vivero Central School, Kapuso Village Integrated School, and Tigbao-Diit Central School.

''I now have a new bag that I can use when I go to school. I also have a new water bottle that I can use so I will not worry if I get thirsty during long walks from home to school and back. I also have school supplies that I can use for my studies. I don't have to ask my parents to buy me new ones,'' said Clarissa, one of the recipients from Antonio Balmes National High School.

The learning pack is one of the components in ensuring that students participating in the FLA; R2T project feel motivated to participate in learning and play sessions because they already have the necessary materials.

''These packs are really helpful just like the umbrella. My daughter just walks on foot from our house to the school so having an umbrella will protect her from the heat of the sun or the rain,'' said one parent who was present during the distributions. The students, parents, and teachers also participated in the orientation on FundLife's Child Safety Policy as a requirement to ensure that throughout the project implementation the safety and security of child participants will be ensured.

These learning packs along with the learning support sessions and accessible learning spaces established within the partner school premises ultimately aim to improve the academic performance of in-school children.

This is also to equip highly vulnerable children and youth with psychosocial life skills to respond to personal and community protection issues through play-based and mentorship sessions.

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