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Fundlife’s Capability Building on Career Planning for High School Students

As the Philippines' education system is getting diversified, and newly introduced jobs and opportunities are changing the hiring process in the country, career planning and building is vital.

FundLife International conducted a 2-day Capability Building about Career Planning. It was participated by the coaches and players. The sessions were aimed at providing the junior, and senior high school students under FundLife programs to;

  1. Become aware of the actual process that they need to undergo in applying for a job.

  2. Equip them with the values and skills to increase their chances of getting employment.

  3. Develop the value of self-awareness as well as the importance of preparation and time management in their endeavors.

On the first day of the activity, presentations on How to Write an Effective CV and Resume, Parts of CV and Resume, What is Career Path, and Examples of Career Path were discussed. The purpose is to give the participants a theoretical overview of the hiring process.

After which, the participants applied their newly gained learnings through an activity which was to Draft a Resume and CV. Although there are still things that need improvement, it was evident that the participants applied the ideas and principles they learned from the discussions. After the assessment, Ms. Kimberly Lopez, the facilitator, tasked the participants to prepare for the upcoming Mock Interview.

On the 2nd day of the activity, candidates vying for jobs and positions filled the office. The participants dressed for the occasion. They were ready to undergo one of the crucial parts of the hiring process: the interview.

The Panel Interviewer, consisting of Kimberly Lopez, Donna Trecene, and Coach Patty, also prepared questions to identify the deserving and qualified applicants.

"What are the three main values that the coach should possess?" Kimberly asked.

"The three main values that a coach should possess are patience, creativity, and the ability to listen." Christian Pareno answered, an applicant for Professional Football player.

The interviewers allowed the candidates to respond and communicate in the Filipino Language. Some were nervous and some displayed confidence in answering the interview questions. However, it was encouraged that they answer in English to enhance their acuity of the language.

Further, the interviewer assured the candidates that they could be their candid and authentic selves during the process to assess their performance better.

After the mock interview, the interviewers provided the results of the assessment to the applicants. The evaluation focused on the positive aspects of the process.

"Do not be afraid of getting rejected." Coach Patty exclaimed.

"Tell us about yourself is one of the crucial questions in an interview. The best way to answer it is to talk about your current role, the scope, and a recent significant accomplishment. You can also add a powerful story about what brought you to this field or industry. Your answers should always relate to the job and company." Donna explained.

It is necessary to develop a career plan to give direction to where you want to see yourself in the future.

In addition, the process will help discern the strengths and weaknesses and the essential skills and knowledge, and help instill self-confidence in the players and aspiring coaches in career planning and building.

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