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FundLife’s Christmas Cup: A Celebration of Passion, Commitment, and Love

Every year, Filipinos all over the world mark September 1 as the start of the Christmas season. Everyone’s getting busy putting up Christmas decorations, buying gifts, and the children are already practicing the Christmas carols.

For FundLife, we exhaust our efforts year round by providing support to vulnerable communities for the realization of a more dignified living. Everyday is Christmas as we deliver our work to address the issues on inequitable education, gender inequality, child abuse and exploitation, among others.

Part of FundLife’s effort in combating some of the recurring issues of the children and youth through the creation of safe spaces within the partner communities where children can be themselves while achieving their highest potential. With this, Community-based and Mentorship sessions were introduced.

To celebrate the sessions, a Christmas Cup was held at a Multipurpose Covered Court in Brgy. Suhi, San Isidro with a total of 64 children and youth participants. The Christmas Cup is the first big tournament organized by FundLife since the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

Throughout the event, the players showed their skills in playing football competitively, especially those who just became part of FundLife's program recently. All teams showed teamwork, respect, and discipline inside and outside of the playing field.

"It was fun and I saw a lot of good players. The other teams cheered for us during our games so it feels like we were just one team," said Meyanie.

Some players even emerged as effective youth leaders - encouraging their teams to play fairly and to believe in the capabilities of their team members.

Some parents and community officials were in attendance and cheered for the players.

"I really miss the feeling of playing football competitively with other players from other sites. It is so much fun especially when our team is winning every game," said Alfon

The following are the winners for the group categories and the individual awardees.

Under 13 years old mixed (U13) Boys

Champion - San Isidro A

1st Runner-Up - Zone 123

2nd Runner-Up - Villa Diana

Special Awards

Best Defender - Shalani Edelwiess and Mark Anthony Cabrido

Best Forward - Rham Bodano and Marjun Regina

Best Goalkeeper - Benito Buranday

Golden Boot - Reniel Pugay

MVP - Reniel Pugay

Under 17 years old (U17) Boys

Champion - San Isidro A

1st Runner-Up - San Isidro B

2nd Runner-Up - Zone 123

Special Awards

Best Defender - John Rod Daban and jay Mark Esperas

Best Forward - Jiorgo Algo and Sherwin Ida

Best Goalkeeper - Kent Ababat

Golden Boot - Jiorgo Algo

MVP - Mark Alfon

Under 17 years old (U17) Girls

Champion - San Isidro B

1st Runner-Up - San Isidro A

2nd Runner-Up - Villa Diana

Special Awards

Best Defender - Rachelle Ann Arpon and Hazel Sanillo

Best Forward - Janel Sillave and Shekinah Ida

Best Goalkeeper - Mary Rose Pido

Golden Boot - Janel Sillave

MVP - Rachelle Anne Arpon

FundLife is implementing play-based and experiential learning to effectively address the issues affecting the children and youth. It is envisaged that through the collective efforts of Local Government Units, policy makers, and organizations such as FundLife, all children will reach their highest potentials.

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