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FundLife welcomes Ming Yi Foundation and China Alpha Fund Management

FundLife is enormously excited to announce a two-year agreement with the Ming Yi Foundation and China Alpha Fund Management (HK) Ltd, to support the resumption of FundLife’s flagship programme, Football for Life Academy (FFLA), across the Visayas region in the Philippines.

The first part of the agreement will allow FundLife to deliver regular play-based learning and mentorship support for 720 children and youth over the next 12 months. The agreement also will enable FundLife to continue delivering Champions Sessions to over 1,000 vulnerable children, providing them with educational support and access to local role models to sustain their educational aspirations.

Through the application of the FLA methodology, the project will build resilience in adolescent youth and improve educational outcomes. FFLA will apply a structured, play-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Positive Champions curriculum that combines Essential Skills for future employment (ESfE), specifically focused on children most adversely affected by the learning impacts of COVID-19.

The announcement comes at a critical time for children who are slowly returning to classrooms after more than 750 consecutive days of being forced to learn from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. FundLife will work directly with schools to monitor children and support them to remain in school and advance their studies.

The FFLA is an action-led effort to ensure all children have equitable access to quality education, participation in sports, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential. FundLife and our partners are committed to the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we highly appreciate the contribution of the MingYi Foundation to support our work directly.

For more information on FundLife or the FFLA programme, please email or call +63 53 523 1160.

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