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GFC, FundLife Int’l aim to further promote futsal, football for girls

THE Giuseppe Football Club (GFC) is partnering with the FundLife International in further promoting football and futsal among girls in Cebu.

To achieve their goal, both GFC and FundLife came up with the Girls Community League to identify girls teams, whether they are playing football or futsal, and see how they can help them.

Currently, GFC and FundLife are holding a futsal training program at the Sisters of Mary School Girlstown in the city of Talisay, Cebu, after finding out that they have a team but has not yet received formal training.

Rachel Genco, one of the GFC owners, visited the campus last Aug. 8 together with GFC Italian football director Nicolo Ferrante and GFC coaches Jun Taneo and Reuben Ranille and conducted a small futsal clinic so they can come up with a training program for the girls.

Although the team lacks the basics of the sport, Ferrante appreciated the determination that the girls showed in learning.

Because the school does not have a football pitch, Genco said they will first focus on futsal because the school has many basketball courts that can be converted into a futsal pitch.

Potential lady booters of the Sisters of Mary School Girlstown with school officers and GFC officials and coaches | Contributed Photo

The girls will then be made to switch between futsal and football regularly as there are more 7-A-Side football tournaments organized in Cebu than futsal.

The Department of Education is also promoting futsal for girls as it is now a regular sport for regional meets and the Palarong Pambansa.

SMS Girlstown principal, Sr. Laresa N. Morasa, welcomed the guests and appreciated the futsal/football training program that GFC and FundLife offered.

GFC and FundLife will also be holdinga 7-A-Side football tournament for girls next month and a Generation Amazing (GA) Cup Futsal Tournament in December. The GA Cup will be for both girls and boys.

(Original article published on Cebu Daily News.)

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