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Karisyuhan: Fun and learning activities with Tacloban Community Learning Space (CLS)

Karisyuhan, which in the English language means a "combination of fun, enjoyment, and excitement all at the same time," is the title of the end of month fun-learning activity for FundLife CLS students, as facilitated by our community youth mentors and learning aides.

The activity is composed of individual and group games that will provide a breather for the students away from their modules and classes. From classic parlour games to a small quiz competition to showcase what the students have learned in different subject areas such as Math and Sciences, the Karisyuhan activity was a fun celebration for the students.

It's not all just fun and games when Math is involved! Some of our CLS students showcasing their concentration, collaboration, and mathematical skills in this group competition.

Best performing students of the month were also awarded during this month-end activity in recognition of their persistence and diligence in education.

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