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Karisyuhan: Magical March Celebration

On March 30-31, 2022, FundLife held the end-of-month Karisyuhan activity with the theme Magical March for the Community Learning Spaces (CLS) in Libertad Elementary School (LES), Ridge View Park Integrated School (RVPIS), and Habitat Community Library.

FundLife chose the theme Magical March to enable the learners to experience magic in their lives for a day. Since the theme was about fairytale superheroes and magical creatures, the FundLife team came to the event in costumes. Likewise, some pupils were donned in princess and superhero attires. In line with the theme, pupils were given crowns and magical wands that the learning aides prepared beforehand.

A total of 127 learners attended the event: 20 learners from RVPIS, 24 learners from LES, and 83 learners from Habitat Community Library. The learning aides facilitated different fun games that the learners enjoyed. They were divided into teams and competed for prizes in activities like banner making, fruit relay, fairytale vocabulary spelling, Beauty and the Beast jigsaw puzzle, and Prince or Princess went to Palace, a remake of the game Maria went to Town.

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