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Meet our Batang Champion: Rechelle

It has been a while since we last featured our FundLife Batang Champions. With all that has been going on, one can get caught up with all the struggles in life. But don't let all that dampen our mood! We're back and excited to share the spotlight with some of our hardworking students.

A Batang (Child) Champion is committed, responsible, dedicated, and a passionate player under the FundLife Community and Mentorship Program. For this year's first feature, meet Rechelle from Villa Diana.

At 14, Rechelle is just like any ordinary teenager as she enjoys many things in life. She likes to play sports like Badminton, Volleyball, and Football, create TikTok videos, and watch Korean Dramas and Educational Videos from the internet. She also likes to follow her favorite K-Pop artist, Lisa from BLACKPINK. But beyond those hobbies and interests, Rechelle is also a responsible daughter, sister, and student.

As the eldest among four (4) children, Rechelle always helps her mother with the household chores and small business, as they sell home-cooked dishes in their village. Although her father opted to stay at home, Rechelle still has to care for her younger siblings. Aside from her school work, she also assists her siblings in answering their school modules.

Having a passion for education and learning, she wishes to become a teacher someday. But Rechelle's ultimate goal in life is priceless yet straightforward and worthwhile: to buy and own a house and car as a way to repay her parents' sacrifices for her.

Rechelle's journey in FundLife was unexpected. She narrated how originally her brother was initially listed in the program, but he lost interest along the way. So, upon her mother's insistence and her love for sports, she finally agreed to be part of FundLife's programs in Villa Diana. And the rest is history. She became one of the Batang Champions for her consistent and exemplary performance during sessions and tournaments organized by FundLife. Rechelle's eagerness to learn and being a responsible player inspired others to participate actively with enthusiasm.

"FundLife helped me grow as a better person as I was before. At first, I always felt shy and kept to myself most of the time. But as the sessions progressed, I learned how to overcome my shyness and come out of my comfort zone. FundLife taught me how to share my ideas and thoughts in front of others. I also learned how to care for others and respect the opinion given by the players. In this way, FundLife did not only allow me to play and learn at the same time, but it also opened my eyes that I can be a role model to others by being responsible and passionate about what you are doing", Rechelle shared in addition to what she has learned in FundLife.

Keep up the excellent work and keep on dreaming, Batang Champion Rechelle!

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