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Move Luzon: Moving for Every Child's Right to Safe Spaces and Education

Updated: Jun 24

Manila, Philippines - [20 June 2024] 

FundLife, a leading non-governmental organization established and located in Tacloban, Philippines and dedicated to promoting purposeful play and equitable education for marginalized and vulnerable children, proudly announces the launch of "Move Luzon”. In partnership with the  Bike Scouts project, ‘Move Luzon’ project is an ambitious, community-led running and physical movement initiative aimed at advocating for every child's right to safe spaces.The launch of ‘Move Luzon’ will see FundLife Founder, Marko Kasic, attempt to run from the top of Luzon to Metro in Manila, covering 600 km in two weeks, the equivalent of 14 marathons in 14 consecutive days. Throughout the journey, he will engage with running and non-running communities and informal  local groups to promote safe-spaces, education and localized development solutions.

Move Luzon is more than just a physical challenge; it is also a movement to showcase the beauty and potential of communities in Luzon; along the way discovering the diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and amazing potential that exists in every single community and child. As the project  traverses the length of Luzon, it will not only highlight the country's scenic wonders but also champion a cause close to the hearts of many: a future where every child has access to safe spaces and equitable opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Move Luzon ‘Run with Purpose’ will begin on July 8th in Patapat Viaduct, Pagudpud and culminate in Metro Manila on July 21st, covering a total moving distance of more than 600 km.

Key Objectives of Move Luzon:

  1. Advocacy for Safe Spaces: Highlight the need for more inclusive spaces where all children, especially girls can play, learn, and grow without fear or intimidation.

  2. Promotion of Equitable Education: Raise awareness about the disparities in educational opportunities and advocate for equal access to quality education for all children.

  3. Engagement with Communities: Foster a sense of unity and collaboration by engaging both running and non-running communities in support of community-led development.

About FundLife:

FundLife is a Philippines registered, non-governmental organization committed to promoting sports and play as powerful tools for social change, especially for marginalized and vulnerable children as well as those displaced by extreme weather and conflict. Through its various initiatives, FundLife strives to create safe spaces, improve educational outcomes, and empower children to dream big and achieve their full potential.


  • "Move Luzon is my way of putting FundLife’s vision into actionable steps of commitment. Just like our work, it’s about giving to make a tangible impact on the lives of all children. We hope by showcasing our own passion to education and sports, it might inspire others to move with us - Marko Kasic, Founder, FundLife“Bike Scouts is proud to be a part of Move Luzon because we've always recognized in the communities where we ride the need for better access to play and sports as a way for people to develop their creativity, sense of community, and capacity for resilience. Move Luzon shares our most basic idea that movement and mobility is one of the most important foundations of local resilience”. - Myles Delfin, Founder, Bike Scouts Philippines

Join Us:

We invite everyone to join us in this extraordinary journey. Whether by running alongside us, participating in many of our movement-centered events, or spreading the word through social media, every contribution counts. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive in a safe, supportive environment.

For more information, please visit and follow us on facebook and Instagram and the dedicated IG account MoveinColour

Media Contact:

Heather Amherst Senior Engagement Officer

+63 53 523 1160

About FundLife: FundLife is an NGO dedicated to promoting sports and play as tools for social change, focusing on marginalized children. Through various initiatives, FundLife aims to create safe spaces, improve educational outcomes, and empower children to achieve their full potential. You can find out more about on facebook and Instagram.

About Bike Scouts:

Bike Scouts is a social platform that helps people and bicycles become movers of true community-based resilience by providing quality opportunities, activities, and content that can educate, engage, and create experiences essential for true local resilience to climate-driven challenges. To learn more about Bike Scouts, visit their facebook page - 

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