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Parents and their Children Participated in FundLife’s “Muruglay Kita” in celebration of International Day of Play

Play is crucial for a child's development as it serves as a gateway to learning essential life skills in a fun and engaging manner. Through play, children not only explore their creativity and imagination but also hone their social, cognitive, and emotional abilities. Recognizing its significance, the United Nations declared June 11 as the International Day of Play. In celebration of this fundamental right of every child, FundLife organized "Muruglay Kita: A Day for Play" on June 7, 2024.

The event aimed to highlight the vital role of play in children's development by providing the children and their parents an opportunity to engage in quality play. Twenty (20) beneficiaries of FundLife participated in the event. Nine (9) of them were joined by their parents.  The parents  were invited to participate in the event by playing fun games such as caterpillar relay, “agawang panyo”, and planting rice with their children.  

Second year students from the Asian Development Foundation College's Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management partnered with FundLife in organizing the event; one of their contributions being volunteering to clean the Generation Amazing Community Club. The students also raised money which they used to cover the meals of the participants and contribute to small food packs which FundLife distributed to families after the event. Aside from the food packs, children were delighted to receive educational toys such as chess and scrabble, as well as toys that encourage movement such as badminton, football, and basketball. 

The student-volunteers from ADFC  also played games with children whose parents couldn't attend, ensuring that every child felt included and had a memorable experience. Parents were delighted to play the games with their children. Their positive feedback highlighted how the event successfully brought families closer together and contributed to children's development through play.

By celebrating "Muruglay Kita: A Day for Play," FundLife not only commemorated the International Day of Play but also demonstrated the transformative power of play in nurturing healthier, happier children and families.

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