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Ready for the World

Juliet, one of FFLA's best players, writes her experience on how FundLife's programme improved her life and encouraged her to excel more in her academic activities.

Hello! I am Juliet, 17 years old, female and I am studying at the San Jose National High School (SJNHS) in Tacloban City. I have five (5) siblings and I am the middle child. My father works as a plumber while my mother is the one who takes good care of us at home.

As a teenager, I experience lot of pressures like maintaining a good performance in school so I do not disappoint my family. I also have to avoid coming into conflict with the people around me. Just like the other families, we always have difficulties with our finances. I have a long list but one thing for sure now: I have my family whom I can hold on to.

How did I join the FFLA? A year ago, a friend who is a player under FFLA Program invited me to join the training sessions in our school. I jumped in right away and that was the start of my journey as a player and met Coach Daryl.

Juliet (fifth from the left) is recognized as the Best Player of San Jose National High School

​during the FFLA Recognition and Graduation Ceremony last 2018.

After joining the FFLA, I noticed my own improvements. I started to know how to play football and wanted to learn more. Along with that my behavior also changed. I was more able to control my emotions and minimized my bad habits. I began to prefer staying at home and helping my mother do the household chores.

The FFLA encouraged me to do my very best to excel in my academics. It helped me improve my school grades because I also learned to manage my time between academic and extracurricular activities (football is one of them). It was a challenge at first but later on I became used to it.

Coach Daryl says I am a fast learner and dedicated to execute the tasks given to me. I am now the acting leader of our team at the SJNHS. I am always excited to be selected as a school representative to the football/futsal tournaments even outside of FFLA activities.

Juliet (in white) participating in a FFLA group feedback session.

FFLA is like my family. The FFLA taught players like me about the real world, about the important things like how I should prepare myself to the challenges ahead and always strive for the bright possibilities.

If not for FundLife and my coach, I wouldn’t be who I am now. Thank you Coach Daryl! Thank you to my teammates for being part of my journey!

Juliet with her team from San Jose National High School before playing at

Haiyan Cup for the Women’s Open Category with Coach Daryl (second from the left.)

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