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Schools & COVID-19: How Community Learning Center Supports the Education of Highly Vulnerable Youth

The COVID-19 cases in Region 8 are alarmingly increasing, and the government is implementing stringent measures and protocols to combat the spread of the deadly virus, which include localized lockdowns and averting social gatherings.

The established Community Learning Center (CLS) in Libertad, Palo, Leyte, an initiative of FundLife International, aims to promote education and knowledge-sharing among highly vulnerable youth, was closed for everyone’s safety.

Before the closure, CLS, in its third week of implementation, continues to support the pupils of Libertad Elementary School in need of academic intervention. On June 8, 2021, during the morning session, there were five eager and enthusiastic learners from Grade 4 whom Coach John Rex assisted. While in the afternoon, he helped five learners from Grade 5 and seven learners from Grade 6.

The community learning space helps me a lot, especially in answering my modules since learning aides assist us. If before I couldn’t finish answering all my modules before the submission date, now I can answer them all. I also enjoy it here because I feel like I’m back in school again. – Dimple, 12

Before proceeding with the tutorial sessions, Coach John Rex showed educational videos produced by FundLife. The learners were amazed that their coach-teachers have a knack for acting and producing entertaining and informative videos.

The CLS is a conducive place for learning. I can say this because there are no distractions here compared to at home. I can concentrate more on answering my modules, and I’m motivated to finish all of them in time for submission. – said Nina, a 10-year old enthusiastic learner.

It is more fun and enjoyable to answer my modules here in the learning space. The learning aides teach us the lessons in the module and help us understand the topics well. They adjust to our learning pace, that's why I like them. – said Leah, a 10-year old happy and eager learner.

On June 10, 2021, Coach John Rex and Coach Patty handled the tutorial sessions. Four learners were in attendance from Grade 4 in the morning session, while eight were in attendance during the afternoon session, three from Grade 5 and five from Grade 6. As icebreakers, the learners were taught the proper handwashing dance to the tune of "There's a Kind of Hush". The enrichment activities' goals are to further develop retention in the learners while they have fun.

I struggle most with complicated subjects like English and Math. But the learning aides are very patient with us in teaching the lessons in the modules. Because of it, learning is now fun. They also facilitate games and activities that the pupils, including me, enjoy doing. I like my experience here in the learning space. – Cris, an 11-year old diligent and cooperative learner.

As Jose Rizal famously said, “Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan.” which entails that we should exhaust all our efforts in providing a better future for the children. FundLife International always aspires in putting in the forefront the vulnerable children so that they will continue to dream in color.

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