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Zodiac Friends Partners with FundLife to Promote Equitable Education and Opportunity for Children

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Zodiac Friends and Fundlife are thrilled to announce a partnership that will further opportunities for vulnerable youth across the Philippines to access quality education, digital training and dignified employment.

Through the partnership, Zodiac Friends, a technology and social enterprise focused on NFT and blockchain technology, aims to support and fund existing projects of Fundlife which focuses on addressing issues of education and gender inequity. The collaboration will also be a new pathway for local artists to showcase their work and gain access to the fast-growing work of digital art where they can create and sell unique digital pieces known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s).

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the inequity of education and digital inclusion for underprivileged communities. With the rapid growth of the digitally focused employment market, this partnership will further accelerate FundLife’s digital inclusion training arm delivered to youth. The announcement provides reinvigorated hope and excitement for vulnerable children and youth who continue to be greatly impacted by school closure and gender inequity due to the pandemic.

Speaking on the announcement, Zodiac Friends said “We are super excited to be working with such an incredible organisation such as Fundlife. When we started Zodiac Friends, we wanted to donate our proceeds to Asian charities that we're really working on the ground to better the lives of vulnerable individuals. Fundlife definitely fit this criteria, and after further chats with Marko and the team, we are confident that our funds will be put to good use. We are even more excited to start the development of the ‘Zodiac Friends Partnership Program’ with Fundlife, a program that aims to onboard youth in Fundlife to the NFT space, where they are able to benefit through receiving dignified income for their artwork. We believe that the accessibility NFTs and blockchain technology create (such as through play to earn games like Axie Infinity) makes this partnership a perfect storm to help the children of Fundlife truly dream in color.

FundLife, Managing Director, Marko Kasic said “Since FundLife started, we have always focused on programming that gives ownership to children and letting them showcase their potential. We are excited to find a partner who is not supporting our work, but that perfectly aligns to our vision of providing equality of opportunity to all children in the Philippines. We can’t wait to do some amazing things together.

The work partnership will officially start at the beginning of 2022, and more details will follow in coming weeks.

To learn more about the work of FundLife and how it will work with Zodiac Friends to deliver and advocate for equitable access to opportunity and education for all children, please email or visit

About FundLife

FundLife is a community-led not-for-profit organisation delivering direct support to children in short-term and chronic emergencies in the Philippines. Through access to purposeful play, quality education and positive youth mentors, FundLife ensures even the most vulnerable children can reach their full potential. We believe every dream is worth fighting for - Follow our work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

About Zodiac Friends

Zodiac Friends is a technology centred social enterprise, focused on blockchain and NFT technology. Their mission is to provide exposure and a platform to underrepresented artists, and to onboard artists into the NFT space. Integrating Asian culture and elements in their project, Zodiac Friends characters are based on the lunar zodiac animals and tell the story of ‘The Great Race’, a famous Asian fable told to generations of children every Lunar New Year. To directly support Asian communities in need, Zodiac Friends will donate 8% of initial sales to Asian based charities chosen by their community. To learn more about Zodiac Friends, please visit, find them onTwitter or join their community at

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