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UpLift Education is an emergency response project to reach one million marginalised children across the Philippines at risk of missing out on the gift of quality education.

Failing to reach them now could mean failing to protect them from receiving a safe childhood and access to decent and dignified employment once they grow up.

We won't give up on their dreams.


COVID-19 has created an educational emergency across the Philippines as schools experienced one of the longest educational shutdowns in the entire world. Students did not return to full-time classroom learning for over 2 years and 7 months, having catastrophic impacts on the most vulnerable children.

The exhaustive impact has put  9 out of 10 children in learning poverty and below the basic minimum reading and writing standards required to graduate. 


UpLift Eduction is supporting one million marginalised children across the Philippines, starting with digital inclusion and culminating in holistic and human-centric social, emotional and technical learning so that all children can dream in colour.

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Phase 1: 
Digital Inclusion for One Million Children

UpLift is starting with web 1.0 connectivity for 1,000 schools, giving over 1,250,000 children access to digital learning and local mentors and digital learning resources, allowing them to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

To learn more or enquire about partnering with us, please email or call +63 53 523 1160.

To support and follow the progress of the Uplift you can see our Global Giving Page or you support the project by donating your crypto here.

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