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A Responsible Brother and Son: Batang Champion Jhouls

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The twelve year old boy was chosen for his exemplary performance during the past sessions, showing his skills not only in football but also in building his relationships with his co-players.

Jhouls’ is regarded as a responsible brother and son. His father wasn’t always at home because of his work in the army and as the oldest, Jhouls is left with the responsibility to assist his mother in taking care of his other 3 siblings whom he shares a strong bond with. And with the pandemic happening, he had a hard time adjusting with all the changes, especially in school, and not being able to go outside and play with his peers like what kids do normally.

When FundLife was introduced to their community, Jhouls felt hopeful and happy. The community sessions on football by the organization helped him gain confidence and create a stronger relationship with his family and friends.

The other programs of FundLife also taught him valuable skills and lessons that will surely help him in school and in his everyday life. His leadership skills were also enhanced with the sessions as he would help teach the younger kids with the things he learned from FundLife. He also said that joining the sessions made him change his bad attitude and habits and he also earned new friends where he shares his experiences with.

“With FundLife, I learned to become more responsible and respectful. I feel like I am more trustworthy now and aside from that, my life skills also improved a lot like with journalism and public speaking. I also realized that I can be a role model to the youth.”

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