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Tacloban City- Students, Teachers and Parents connected with F4LA came together on 18th November, 2017 during the 1st F4LA Interschool Cup at Leyte Sports Development Center in Tacloban City. 9 Teams from 5 F4L partner schools battled it out in the inaugural Inter-School Copa Leyte to showcase skills learnt over the first six months of the F4LA programme.

This inter-school festival was organized to foster and strengthen the unity and friendship among the players as well provide a platform for their commitment . The F4L coach for the day, John Rex Acuin, has keenly reminded the participants to do their best, to play fair and to have fun. After his keynotes, the children have joyfully preceded to the warm-up exercises led by Jason Arroyo of Arsenal in the Community.

“Rain or shine, we will still play!”

Despite the bad weather, all the teams have managed to showcase their confidence and skills in playing football. As per Coach Jason, “I am so impressed by the fighting spirit that these players have been demonstrating since the first hour of this tournament. I can see that they are passionate and driven in every run and kick. Everyone is eager to get a goal!” Indeed, Team F4LA were inspired to prove their great progress from when the programme has started in their respective schools.

Winners of this tournament were teams Palo NHS B (boys) and San Jose NHS A (girls). Players and coaches of each teams were ecstatic to receive their 1st medals and certificates as champions of a football tournament. Hence, Coach Margaux pointed out that this will not be the last time for Team F4LA. More opportunities are in store for them next year which everyone is looking forward to!

To the whole F4LA team, you made us all proud in believing in yourselves and showing great sportsmanship in this interschool tournament! Congratulations!

FundLife are especially grateful to and appreciate of the Department of Education for their assistance in the organization of this event.

Until the next tournament; rain or shine!

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