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Announcing the 'Move for Play' Campaign to celebrate the UN Day of Play

Get ready to lace up your running shoes for the 'Move for Play' campaign, celebrating the UN Day of Play on June 11th!

This exciting initiative emphasizes the importance of play for all children, particularly those lacking safe spaces and regular access to sports. Play is essential for the holistic development of children, fostering creativity, teamwork, critical thinking and physical health.

Unfortunately, too many children still do not have the opportunity to engage in regular play and sports activities. The 'Move for Play' campaign aims to change that by raising awareness and advocating for the creation of safe, inclusive play spaces where every child can thrive. Purposeful play and sports are powerful tools for development, contributing to emotional well-being, social skills, and academic success.

To celebrate the UN Day of Play, FundLife will organize a special 'Move for Play' day on June 9th inviting children from all over Tacloban to engage in structured play and encourage parents to join in too!

But play isn't just for kids! Adults, too, should embrace the joy of play and sports as a vital part of overall health. Join us on June 11th and make a difference by moving for play and FundLife is teaming up with EZ Run Club and Rockwell Run Club in Manila to raise even more awareness by encouraging runners to learn more about the lack of play opportunities for so many children across Manila.

For more information about Move for Play, please check out our socials for all the latest updates!

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