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Boys Community League (BCL) Capacity Building & Team Building Activity

Seventeen (17) team captains and representatives of the participating teams of the Boys Community League 2022 participated in a capacity and teambuilding activity last July 16, 2022. The activity's objectives were for the participants to learn leadership skills, get to know each other, overcome communication barriers, and be more open and cooperative during league activities. Furthermore, it was aimed to improve the morale of the participants by cultivating teamwork and, at the same time, having fun.

The one-day activity was divided into two parts. In the morning, activities featured Team P.E. International's coaching methodology of teaching virtues and values through sports. The focus of the training was on virtues of leadership, resilience, and selflessness -- the three essential virtues an athlete must have both in and outside of their sport.

In the afternoon, fun games that also talked about these three values were enjoyed by both the participants and the facilitators. Jerick from Kapuso Strikers shared that he learned to be a better team member and become a better team leader. Through the activities, he also realized that it is important for each team to get to know their members, and identify individual strengths and weaknesses to better contribute to achieving goals.

Earl Brian Kawayan FC B commented on how effective teaching virtues and values through games and morning activities was. The sports activities featured a discussion of the importance of each value and sharing with the participants how they can show these values even outside sport. He also shared that for a team to be successful, they must strategize a plan and act accordingly to achieve desired results. It is important to listen to the sentiments of everyone so that the team can work better.

In the afternoon, the participants and facilitators bonded over a boodle fight meal of pansit, seafood, spring rolls, and fruits to culminate the activity. The BCL capacity building cum teambuilding was a success with our youth players and participants giving positive feedback and showing renewed spirits. We look forward to seeing them apply their new learnings in and outside the field!

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