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Coach JP up for the new challenge: Winning the game of life

​Out of hundreds of young leaders around the world, FundLife’s very own John Paul Masubay, known as “Coach JP” of Football for Life Academy couldn’t be happier for being chosen as ASIA’s representative in the Sports at the Service of Humanity Young Leaders Mentorship Program.

Upon hearing the news, JP said: “I feel so lucky that I was chosen to be part of this program and I am so excited to go to Argentina and meet a lot of people with inspiring stories where I can learn a lot of things. This is a big opportunity for me because I will be mentored by someone who is successful in life and it is a nice experience that for a year he will be there to guide me to achieve something.” Sports at the Service of Humanity (SSH) is a Foundation established to support the global movement to use the power of Faith & Sport as a platform for good and to make a difference in the world. Together with ISPS Handa Foundation, its partner, they developed the SSH Young leader’s Mentorship Program (YLMP) and will launch it on October 4, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Coach JP will attend the launching and participate in the activities together with other five young sports leaders from other continents. This will coincide with the International Olympic Committee’s Olympism in Action Forum (October 5-6) and the Youth Olympic Games (October 6-18) in Buenos Aires. The YLMP will last for 12 months. Each of the young sports leaders will be paired up with a mentor who are distinguished and respected individuals who are successful in their own fields.

It is expected that after the term, the six young sports leaders will evolve and become values driven role models, leaders and spokespeople who will use sports to reach out to communities and help people and the children discover the “leaders” in them. And with the guidance of the six SSH principles: compassion, respect, love, enlightenment, balance and joy they would be able to teach them how to respond to the adversities in life.

Coach JP, who is a football mentor himself, who had been using this sports as a tool to inspire underserved youth believes that SSH-YLMP will yet again lead him to another self-discovery that is going to be essential to influence goodness to people.

“I am expecting to learn more application on how to use sports to help communities cope up with the hardships in this fast changing world, especially the children who, nowadays, are forced to grow up fast instead of enjoying their childhood life. While in the program I will try to learn as much as I could to acquire new knowledge, develop my values and strengthen my character to inspire more people especially children and teach them to become effective leaders themselves.” He added.

After going through a lot of circumstances just to have his VISA, Coach JP had been trying to learn some Spanish sentences and phrases as a preparation for his travel. He wants to be able to convey to the people behind SSH YLMP how grateful he is for this opportunity and how he is excited to be able to share whatever he will learn to his players in the Philippines and by God’s will –the world.

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