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Cracking the Code: An Update on FundLife's Programming Classes

Another month full of learnings and challenging activities had passed for the students under the programming course facilitated by our partners from Mentors Without Borders.

"I just started the classes with my mentor, and I feel happy because our mentor is friendly. The classes are not boring, but I also feel stressed out sometimes if I don't catch up with the discussion right away," said Carlos, one of the students.

The students have virtual classes with their assigned mentors on their preferred schedules. All of them are learning through the program at different paces.

Some classes focus on language programs such as Python, Java, HTML, C++, and C. Others struggle with editing codes while the other students are already making games.

A total of 17 virtual classes and two enrichment classes were conducted in September.

For the month of October, an online and in-person classes were conducted for the students undertaking the free programming course. There were cancelled classes because of the students getting sick as well as their mentors.

The classes of the students vary according to the languages that they agreed to learn with their mentors.

During the online sessions, the other students are already editing more complex codes while some of the students got assigned by their mentors to work on some websites to run programs and test codes.

In the in-person enrichment classes coach John Rex and coach John Paul helped the students practice by facilitating practical tests in editing codes and running programs.

They also introduced websites where students can start creating their games.

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